06 Feb 2019
Aldenham vs Queenswood – Wednesday 30th January

Our fixture against Queenswood School saw all Martineau’s girls play in matches against a competitive side for the first time this season. Merging the two year groups into four competitive teams, the girls were excited to get on court and demonstrate their skill.

The 1st VII had a close game against a strong Queenswood side. With Aldenham have lost in previous years, it was a shock to the opposition to have to fight for their lead. Throughout the game we saw many changes to our squad which prove just how versatile they are. Shooting accurately and implementing advice throughout the game, Mia Werter shone as player of the match (POM). Her holds within the shooting circle and improved strength on the ball made it hard for the opposition to intercept. Coupled with some good attacking movements by Milly May, Noor Hussain, Natasha Striftombolas and Louise Freedman, Aldenham were able to feed the ball with ease into the shooters. However, despite their best efforts Aldenham played most of the game trailing by just two goals. Entering the final quarter, the team were determined to prove their worth and defeat Queenwood once and for all. Tohan Osazee and Simi Agbede worked tirelessly in the defensive circle and turned over many crucial feeds. Centre Maya Delyfer was able to convert our interceptions into the attack an Aldenham were able to secure a two goal lead. However, unable to match some of the physicality of the game and some back-to-back turnovers from the opposition, we lost in the final few minutes 13-8.

The 2nd VII showed grit and determination against a particularly strong and well-oiled side. The team worked hard to implement the movement skills they have been learning in training. However the opposition’s experienced proved hard to overcome on court. Maddy Harris worked hard throughout the match to find space and turn over the ball in the defensive end, allowing her to claim a well deserved POM. Despite several phases of well-worked play, Aldenham were always on the back foot and lost the game 19-1.

The U13 and U12 B teams worked equally hard in their games, once again fighting a particularly strong opposition. The U13B team were excited to be playing their first game together as a year group this season, and some were brave to take on new positions. However, their enthusiasm did not help to combat the experience and well-rehearsed movements of Queenswood who took the lead right from the first whistle. Penzy Thairu (POM) worked tirelessly in centre court in an attempt to restore possession for her squad and Ruby Flitterman left the game particularly red faced. Despite their best efforts Aldenham lost 21-2. It was a similar story for the U12B team of whom many were playing their first ever competitive game. Despite some versatility in the squad, the Queenswood team once again proved to be more experienced leaving Aldenham on the back foot from the start of the game. Aldenham lost 27-1.