21 Feb 2019
Aldenham vs Mill Hill– Saturday 2nd February

Our annual fixture against Mill Hill saw all of our senior and junior teams take to the court in the attempt to clench a win from the local side.

Both playing at home, the 1st and 2nd VII knew they were in for a tough game. With the advantage of playing indoors, the 1st VII were able to start their game with speed from the start. With the game going goal to goal in the first quarter, it became clear that the match was going to be tightly contested. With some fresh legs onto court from a large Mill Hill side, at half time the opposition were able to grasp a six goal lead. With all to play for going into the second half of the game, Aldenham went onto court fighting to pull back the score line. Putting Mill Hill under pressure, our excellent defence by Ellie Macdonald and Debbie Okeowo we were able to succeed in gaining four quick turnovers on the ball which were quickly converted to goals by Sasha Macdonald (POM) and Megan Yeabsley in the attacking end; much to the delight of our ever-growing bench of supporters. Unfortunately, Aldenham couldn’t keep momentum going, allowing Mill Hill to creep back into the game. In the final quarter the girls had belief that they could come out victorious and fought extremely hard; but with some unforced errors and struggling to drive into space on the court, they were not able to keep possession of the ball and lost the game 22-29.

The 2nd VII saw a similar defeat in their game against Mill Hill. With some arriving late to warm up, it was clear from the start that Aldenham were not physically or mentally prepared for the strongly contested game they were about to face. It really was a game of two halves, where our slow movement and unforced errors in the first half took us into half time losing 15-4. However, after a rather strong team-talk at half-time, the girls were now more awake and determined to pull back the score line as much as they could. Going onto court in centre position, Jolie Slater worked tirelessly to link the defensive and attacking end with a steady pace on the ball. Getting her teeth into her new position, Caitlyn Sellar-Elliot (POM) impressed us all with multiple turn overs, where her position on the attacking body made it hard for her shooter to even receive the ball. Now working as a squad to keep possession of the ball and play it safely into the shooting circle, Aldenham were able to pull back the score line and lost the second half of the game by just 1 goal. Unfortunately, though, their slow start into the game meant they were unable to pull back the initial lead they had allowed Mill Hill to gain and we lost the game 25-13.

Travelling to Mill Hill for their fixtures, our junior sides were equally determined to bring home a win. The U15 A squad had a great performance against a strong and physical side. Congratulations is owed to Lilly Zentner (POM) for her tenacity on court and continuous movement onto the ball to aid its movement through the court. The team worked hard throughout despite the strength of their opposition but some difficulties to convert our turnovers into goals meant they lost the game 30-10.

The U15 B squad, however, were victorious in their game against Mill Hill. They put in a superb performance despite the windy conditions. Practicing the skills learnt in training, they worked hard to link with their players throughout the court and feed the ball with speed and accuracy into the Amelia Greenway and Nisa Sadiku (POM) in the shooting circle. Katie Hammond, Irsiya Masood and Lilly Yousefien all marked tightly in the defensive end of the court allowing them to gain some crucial turnovers on the ball. The game was played with excellent determination which lead them to dominate the court and win 14-4.

The U14 side played with great spirit against a talented and slightly bigger Mill Hill team. The first and last quarters were very competitive but in the middle quarters we lost possession too easily and Mill Hill's skills in and around the circle proved decisive. In the last quarter it was great to see the girls trying to get on the front foot; well led by Tate Noble and Edie Sunman who shot well. Sybil Barber and Aline Coife really stepped up in the final quarter, making some great interceptions on the ball. All should be commended for great attitude and spirit and for trying to put into practice the week’s training bu,t unfortunately, they were unable to battle the strength of the Mill Hill side and lost the game 8-21.